Here are some ideas for blog post content for these Rapid Resolution Theapy people. Can you just take a look at it, as if you didn’t know me! And let me know the following:

  1. Does it appeal to you?
  2. If you read any of the articles, were they interesting and easy to understand?
  3. Would any of this pique your curiousity and propel you to more action e.g. follow on social media or go to an event?

I really want the job, so be honest!! It’s no problem at all.

Thank-you! – Sally

Describing RRT - based on manual

Maps and summaries of Shifts and Transformations

A bit off-piste - based on some of the stuff I'd already written

Short paragraphs - single idea

Some rough ideas for graphics to illustrate RRT concepts -

I would love  to develop some graphics to represent these topics really clearly:

  • Idea of whole mind and part of mind that has not updated and is still producing emotion
  • I vs Myself
  • Everything was caused, so it had to happen (my personal favorite…)