'the leap of love' Illustration for a website



'The guy with the rock' illustration for a website

Thai Massage techniques and anatomical references.

Thai Massage drawing for a flyer

Drawing for its own sake is a wonderful thing. Just a few perfect lines give us some of the most wondrous artworks in the planet.

It’s also a powerful learning tool. If you want to learn something and retain it – draw it!

We use our tactile and proprioceptive senses to draw. In a tech-focused world, it’s a pleasure to be in our bodies, to be lo-fi and to be away from our screens.

Proposal sketches

Sketches for the Dependent Rational Animals series of exhibitions with Roxy Walsh Roxy was in London and I was in Berlin while we were designing our […]

Drawings of Sisyphus and Bacchus

Drawings of Thai Massage Techniques

Thai massage looks elegant and graceful from the outside and feels wonderful on the inside. The stretches and pressure applied follow the 'Sen' lines across the […]