Limiting Beliefs, Negative Beliefs. Do They Actually Exist?
21 June 2022
Would you call a tree a loser?
9 July 2022
Limiting Beliefs, Negative Beliefs. Do They Actually Exist?
21 June 2022
Would you call a tree a loser?
9 July 2022
Dread, doubts, churning guts.
Will they like you? Can you do it?
You wish you’d worked harder. You wish you’d slept well. If only you had prepared yourself better.
What if they ask a question you can’t answer ? What if you blush? Or stutter?
Pounding heart, dry mouth, panicky thoughts.

Response to the response

A job interview, an exam, giving a presentation, or meeting with somebody who matters to you. These, and many other circumstances, can trigger this response. It feels awful, and it makes a tricky situation worse.

Your mind is producing pictures of the worst possible outcome. The mind-body feedback loop is telling your mind that real danger is imminent.

You want to get rid of it.

You think there must be something wrong with you- and you wonder what it means about you, your body, and how much worse it’s going to get.

We all know about fight-flight. But how do we use this knowledge to get what we want – to be free of these states?

What is really going on?

While is might feel horrible to be all charged up like this, it’s actually strength, e.g.:

  • Legs are strong,
  • blood is circulating faster, sending more oxygen to your muscles,
  • attention is on high alert, scanning for danger.

You can sprint, scream, hit or bite, faster, louder and harder than you could ever imagine. This not weakness, and there is nothing wrong with you.

Intelligence, creativity, healing, digestion can wait until later.

Call the ambulance

It is as if your body has called the emergency services for a multi-vehicle pile-up before you’ve even pulled out of the driveway.

It’s a response that is wholly unsuited for what you’re about to do – which, most likely, – is to sit in a chair and have a conversation.


The way out is to be indifferent to it

Imagine standing in front of a group of people: your hands are shaking your heart’s racing, your face is bright red, and you say to yourself, ‘so what.

You don’t give a rat’s what’s going on in your body. You don’t see any reason to be interested in it.

Would these kinds of responses be a problem is you didn’t care about them? A blush is charming, a little nervousness indicates you’re keen as mustard to get the job. Body is producing these responses; they don’t mean anything about you.


This is how bodies function.

They digest food, they breathe air, they transport oxygen to every cell in the body, and they get rid of what they don’t need.

All are essential to life. But do don’t have to concern yourself with what they mean, whose is best, how they work, or how to hack them.

What we call the anxiety response, is just another system, and it’s as meaningless and involuntary as all the others.

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)

This is the basis of the anxiety protocol in RRT.

It’s a complex and skilled process. By the end of the session, the participant will have experienced a significant shift in how they view anxiety. They will often even be laughing kindly at these formerly troubling sensations.

Find out more about RRT here