17 August 2021

Proposal sketches

17 August 2021

Drawings of Sisyphus and Bacchus

26 July 2021

Drawings of Thai Massage Techniques

9 May 2021

Do not blame your Crypto losses on Elon Musk

I know this sounds harsh, but please bear with me. If you are blaming trading losses on Cryptos on Elon Musk, you do not understand trading and risk.
9 February 2021

The Sen and other Eastern Healing Modalities

"Whoever is familiar with the Meridians in Chinese acupuncture or with the system of the Prana Nadis in Yoga will find lots of similarities. All the chakras, the main energy centres in the yoga tradition are covered."
24 January 2021

I should have … I shouldn’t have … If only …

15 November 2020

Oh Mind! Please Let Go

4 March 2020

The ‘Sen’ — the Meridians of Thai Massage

Why does Thai Massage feel so good? What does it do? And what’s going on in your body during and after a massage to produce such deep rest and relaxation?
11 June 2018

Continuation patterns in trending moves

The Saucer is a trade set up that we use to enter a bullish trending move. It provides us with a safe entry on a trend that is already underway. The igloo is the reverse: a safe and easy to read way of entering a bear trend.